It is just the absence of light..
Dark is not opposite of light,

             Illumination and light have been an important part of people's daily life for a very long time.

             Today's companies dealing with lighting technologies do their best for homes, workplaces, indoor and outdoor commercial areas, entertainment locations and other environment in accordance with requests and demands of people.

             VITO with itʼs 25 years of experience in design, production, import and export of electrical, electronic and lighting products always aims to deliver the best quality for customersʼ everyday life.

             In addition to the luminaires, our company has wide range of products like auxiliary lighting components and
equipment categories. Depending on the utilization and demand; our products line up covering wide range of alternatives and designs that are conformable to all aspects of everyday needs. Also with our continuous efforts in R&D and Design areas new technologies and products have been added to our product range day by day. To give a case in point, LED Technologies became very popular with their low energy consumption and very long life-time.

             Now we can supply popular and modern design examples with LED for indoor luminaires like led strips, wallwashers, led decorative lamps, led fixtures and outdoor luminaries both for landscape and underwater lighting, led luminaires with solar battery, floodlights, garden luminaires etc.             

             The compatibility of our products have been tested and approved in respect of the latest quality criteria of international standard requirements. Considering environmental and ecological issues like global warming, we take care of applying standards like EMC, LVD and ROHS etc. especially in the process of manufacturing.

             VITO with its young, dynamic and expert team along with its well-known VITO and VITOONE brands, has been forwarding to be a leader in the lighting industry with its strong background as exporting to approximately 40 countries and aiming to contribute the quality of your lifes...