Illumination and light have been an important part of people's daily life for an exceptionally long time. 

Today's companies dealing with lighting technologies do their best for homes, workplaces, indoor and outdoor commercial areas, entertainment locations and other environment in accordance with requests and demands of people.

VITO with 29 years of experience in design, production, import and export of electrical, electronic, and lighting products always aims to deliver the best quality for customers everyday life.

In addition to the luminaires, our company has wide range of products like auxiliary lighting components and equipment categories. Depending on the utilization and demand; our products line up covering wide range of alternatives and designs that are conformable to all aspects of everyday needs. Also, with our continuous efforts in R&D and Design areas modern technologies and products have been added to our product range day by day. To give a case in point, LED Technologies became extremely popular with their low energy consumption and exceptionally long lifetime.

Now we can supply popular and modern design examples with LED for indoor luminaires like led strips, decorative lamps, led fixtures and outdoor luminaries both for landscape and underwater lighting, led luminaires with solar battery, floodlights, garden luminaires etc.             

The compatibility of our products has been tested and approved in respect of the latest quality criteria of international standard requirements. Considering environmental and ecological issues like global warming, we take care of applying standards like EMC, LVD and ROHS etc. especially in the process of manufacturing.

VITO with its young, dynamic, and expert team has been forwarding to be a leader in the lighting industry with its strong background as exporting to approximately forty countries and aiming to contribute the quality of your life's...

Our Values

We VITO with all workers and customers are a big family with common values holding us together and aware of the most important responsibility of future hopes and beliefs. We know that to live common values ​​that hold us together is the most important condition. In this context, our common values ​​can be summarized under the following headings:    

   1 - RESPECT for HUMAN

   VITO looks human-centered at the entire enterprise attitudes and behaviors. All the staff and customers, and to all the people that make up society, VITO approaches in the context of respect for human dignity without any language, religion, race, and gender differences.

   In this context, these differences in the large human family have been accepted as a richness. In addition, production processes, eliminate all the problems that harm human beings is seen as the highest sensitivity. All the products offered by the appreciation of customers, taken care of a production policy criteria which has set global standards not harmful for humans and nature. 


   Everything in life starts with confidence. A long-term relationship without trust can't be permanent and sustainable. VITO pays attention to the establishment of all relationships and communication to all employees and customers reliable, open, and transparent.


   One of the most essential elements that make relations lasting is accuracy. Keeping the promises at all circumstances and making ​​to adhere to the agreements and promises is the basic approaches as the basis for truth.


   VITO acts sensitivity to the priority to be at the side of all the employees and customers in tough times as on a good day.  VITO family tries to build relationship on the concept of high- faithfulness, as a natural consequence and solidarity. 


  VITO practices to entire process of production, marketing, storage, and shipment as most efficient use of all resources of the earth consciousness as a responsibility of all humanity. 


   VITO values the quality as a respect for people and the environment. Within the universal concepts of quality standards at every stage of their working, VITO tries to fulfill this universal responsibility. Another result of our understanding of the value of the quality is an awareness of the effort is to be a Trend setter of all innovations and technological developments in the sector.